Thursday, September 11, 2008

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True...

We all have bad haircut stories.
Maybe yours was given to you by your mom with a dull pair of scissors.
Maybe you watched an old episode of In Living Color and tried to replicate one of their styles.
Or maybe, just maybe, you went to the $5 barber next to the University of Utah.
This is exactly how I looked when the barber decided he was done.

My barber, whose name slips me at this time, was a nice old man. However, there is no way he had any formal training whatsoever with hair cutting. I would have been better off letting my little brother do it with a pair of crayola safety scissors.
His formula for barbering was the one handed, snip here, snip there style. He spent most of his time with both hands at his side, asking me how to "make a website on the e-bay".
45 minutes later, my hair looks like this.

It may have only cost $5, but I'm afraid they got the better end of the deal.


Anonymous said...

I like it. You look like a puppet. Or maybe Woody off of toy story. The hair is a little boxy.

This look is hard to obtain, so I think the five dollars was well spent.

dave&catie said...

I do look like Woody.
Long story short, I'm never cutting my hair again.
I am Samson, and $5 cuts was my Delilah.

Anonymous said...

That barber, in the shape of Delilah, was quite strange...wouldn't you say? I mean, to ask you first how to open up an ebay account and THEN take your hair in such a fasion. Wow. Not cool.

Lesson learned I guess.