Saturday, September 27, 2008

Heroes Shmeroes

I've been betrayed by my once favorite television show, "Heroes".
Never have I anticipated a season premiere like I did for this third season, only to be met by the worst episode yet.
Characters are "changing sides" willy nilly and super powers are now easily attained through a syringe. I won't stand for it.
In it's stead, our new show is Lost. We've actually seen every episode of every season now.
Both Catie and I even have secret crushes. Catie's is the rugged Desmond. Sometimes I'll talk in a Scottish accent like Desmond's for her.
I am partial to the hispanic x-police Anna Lucia. I think it's because she's exotic, and she demands justice.


Bukran said...

I'm relieved to know I'm not the only one who still finds placing a penciled mustache on a celebrity hil-arious. Why, just the other day at work I helped myself to a Sharpie and the most recent copy of Us Weekly!

Stephanie-jean Weber said...

Oh my gosh Bennett is so big! I have not seen him since you guys were in the hospital! Yeah, Nate is going as a puppy for Halloween, although that was up for debate after seeing him in a tootsie roll costume (Sean was in one too)!

Anonymous said...

oh dave and catie. i watched all of the new season last night and am not sure how i feel about it either! so much going on. so many changes. so many questions.