Friday, October 3, 2008

My baby's got sauce

Catie prepared a packed lunch for me the other day in my superman lunch box. In it was the usual peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a fruit of some sort, her daily love note, and some apple sauce.
I love apple sauce.

I got to thinking however, why is it that apple sauce is the only baby food to successfully transition over to adult food? Can you imagine being at a high class dinner, and someone orders the mashed peas?

As much as I like apple sauce, I'd really like a banana sauce, or a mango sauce. What is it that makes it socially unacceptable?

Spencer Coleman did inform me of this link

I'm going to do further research.


Bukran said...

One of my old roommates who was in to Asian food totally had banana sauce in his condiment repertoire! It was actually Filipino in origin. The brand name? Jufran. (Aforementioned brand name actually replaced Bukran for a while...just ask Steve.)

Stephanie-jean Weber said...

I would venture to say that Catie would put "pear sauce" (aka baby food) in a nice little Tupperware container for you that way you can have your baby food and eat it (in public) too!

Stephanie-jean Weber said...

I tagged you on my blog...

Anonymous said...

Have you ever had Hawaiin Delight? Well, it is just as the name would suggest, delightful. In fact, I think I'm going to buy me some. Thanks for reminding me how delicious AND socially unacceptable baby food is for adults.