Thursday, October 23, 2008


Mustaches are so in right now.
Neck beards however, are not.


Anonymous said...

I think the guys moustache is part 1 of a 3 part equation to awesomeness.
2- would be the addition of the gold chain and
3- would be his golden tanned waxed chest.
With all three of these, you'd be deadly.

P.S. your moustache is nice and all, but this guys is phenomenal.

mom&dad said...

This is Mark Spitz and those chains on his neck are his Gold Medals. He held the record for Gold Medals in the Olymics and held at least 1 world record until Michael Phelps set new records this year. I wish my mustache looked as good as his.

dave and catie said...
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dave and catie said...

The mustache was once thought to be aerodynamic in fact. Swimmers nowadays seem to shave off everything. This dude embraced his hair. I respect that in a swimmer.