Monday, October 13, 2008

i heart heart cookies

so, cory and i made these cookies
for little baby bennett's blessing
last month....yeah, i'm a bit
late on the pics.

way cute and sinfully delicious
other than coming close to
burning ourselves with scalding
dipping chocolate it was a good time
...martha stewart's got nothin' on us


Anonymous said...

From what I hear, they were a big hit at the party. Thats only what I hear though. I wouldn't know. I was trying to break and enter during the event.

I just envisioned the last scene on Men in tights when they are calling for a Locksmith. Oh man.

Alina D. said...

I am seriously impressed ladies! And let's face it, you two don't impress easily. Hmmm...maybe you do have talents after all.

dave and catie said...

alina you're as cold as ice...and i love you for it.