Monday, October 6, 2008

We've Been Tagged

Our friends, the Webers, tagged us with the task to post 6 of our quirks. In ascending order, they are:

1) Don't know if this is a quirk, but Catie hates Madonna. It's so funny to hear her say it because she never says she hates anything.

2) Dave has to eat each item of food separately. He can't mix french fries and hamburger. It is french fries, then
hamburger. He can't even mix drink with other items. It is one at a time.

3) Catie must shop alone. Whether it's clothing, or groceries, she can't shop with anybody else.

4) Dave has to check the mailbox every hour on the hour while at home. It doesn't matter if we just got the mail or if it's July 4th or if it's Sunday.

5) Bennett is mesmerized by our front door handle. It's the way the light hits that fake gold paint.
6) Catie's least favorite chore is to put away the clothes after laundry. The laundry is washed, dried, and folded, then neatly placed on the bed until somebody else puts it away.


Lisa said...

love the quirks!!
BTW: Brad eats his fries first, ALWAYS!! But his reason is this: they are only good if they are hot!

Josh & Sarah Teare said...

Catie.. I don't think that is quirk of not wanting to put the laundry away. Josh and I hate putting away the laundry, but someone has to and that ends up being me. I love all of your little quirks. FUnny post. I feel closer to you both because of this post.
Oh my email address is

See ya!

Alina D. said...

I can completely relate to Catie's #6 quirk. I fold my laundry and lay it on my bed to put away later. When it's time to go to sleep I move the piles to the floor where I leave them until they are dirty again!cc

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the shopping. I am an in and out type of girl and I don't like to watch other people try on clothes nor do I like to show people what I'm trying on. I feel like people get all up in my business and I don't like it.

Plus, grocery shopping with someone else for two sets of grocery lists makes me want to poke my eye balls out. Sounds horrible