Friday, November 21, 2008

perfect fall wedding

here are
some pictures
of the wedding dave
was hired to
film the
other weekend.

i'm trying to
learn how to adjust and photoshop...
hopefully i'll be able
to learn how to do it all
by myself soon.

these were my
i think they turned out
quite nicely.

if you want to see the sweetest video go to
daves website blog

it seriously
makes me want to get married to dave all over again.


Heather said...

gorgeous video gorgeous photos! You really are an excellent photographer Catie. I love my wedding video; it is my very favorite thing from my wedding and I always suggest people do a video of their weddings too. btw, her dress is stunning.

Anonymous said...

You have inspired me to do photo shop. Okay we still have your book and NEED to return it.

Now don't tell me I won't like doing it. Tell me photoshop is easy as making an apple pie tyler style.

mccall said...

Those pictures are awesome. Great job, Dave! I too, love the Food Network. I really like the husband and wife who cook together. They are hysterical.

Derk & Jen said...

I never knew you had this secret talent. WOW!