Tuesday, November 4, 2008

tag team back again...

i was tagged like...last week
by lynze...sorry i'm late.

six things you may or
may not know about me:

::somtimes when i day dream
i pretend that i'm a super
famous celebrity and i'm
being interviewed by conan o'brien
(love him!)and i'm being all witty
and cool.

::i cannot go to bed in a messy
unmade bed. usually i make our
bed in the morning but even if it's
5 minutes before going to bed...i
gotta make it.

::i'm totally petrified of porcelain
dolls. my sister had a slew of those
things in our room when we were little,
so creepy.

::i met jonathan taylor thomas once...
unfortunately it was during the hideous
phase of my childhood/teen years when i didn't
know how to dress myself or do my hair
so i had to burn the picture of us together.
the world will never believe me...sigh.

::i wrote a ridiculous "novel" when i
was in junior high. it was entitled
"our endless summer" (ripped off from
the surfing movie).

::i used to collect stamps and i STILL
collect old U.S. coins. judge me if you
want to but dave laughed at me when i first
told him and now he collects them too.

wow...sitting here thinking of weird things
about me has made me realize what a square
i am.

i tag:
sarah teare
mccall newland
lindsey nelson
amy pilkington
and my dad.
(only if you want to)


mccall said...

Oh my heck, I love the Conan O'Brien one. That's hysterical!

Anonymous said...

I am imaginging the following scenario:

You publish your book 'Our Endless Summer' and Conan O'brien invites you for an interview on the same night JTT is on the program. Of course he would remember you and in amazing TV magic, they would pull up the picture of you two together on the monitor. (You'd be adorably horrified and pretend you didn't know it still exsisted even though you gave it to Conan before the show)

The kicker would be that while you are there to discuss your new novel, JTT would be on the show to talk about his leave from celebrity and his new focus and passion; obscure stamp and coin collection.

It's a good thing your committed to Dave, because I am also envisioning a small love connection.

dave and catie said...

cory....you crack me right up.
can't wait for our lunch and mingle today! don't you love being a desperate housewife?

Anonymous said...

I LOVe the weirdness. Don't you love fantasizing of yourself being totally awesome before you go to bed? I think it helps boost my self esteem. BUT connen Obrien? I assume you are okay with him taking over for Leno. LOVE IT!!
I will tag myself soon.. .GET excited!!

Alina D. said...

Next time we have a sleep over I am bringing my porcelain doll collection. You'll wake up and I will have strategically placed a doll to be resting its arm on your face and gazing down on you. Oooh!

Lisa said...

Dolls and sisters scaring you!

Too funny!! Conan!!lol

My niece liked to scare her sister and she once during parayers said " ...and bless the lights in the ceiling (pot lights) to not look like EYES... Looking down at YOU... all night long..." lol it was too funny!

mom&dad said...

Ok Catie I have listed 7 things on our blog, enjoy. You are very creative, it is fun to read your blog each day. Keep it up. Kiss Bennet for me.