Friday, April 10, 2009

my little lady

one of my favorite
things about
weekend is having
a girls night
with my mom
during priesthood

this time we
came to my house
we made sweet
little frames
and then made
the most delicious
homemade coconut
cupcakes ever...
so good.

my mom is

she is
and beautiful...
inside and out.

here are some
pics of our fun night

i love you, lady.


Anonymous said...

She's the absolute best! And I agree. She is one of the most sincere people I know.

She past on a lot of her great qualities to you!

(Make me some more cupcakes and I mean NOW. "They're like my own personal brand of heroin")

Anonymous said...

passed- rather than past.

tycee said...

So fun! There's nothing like having a wonderful mom.

Lisa said...

Oh katie, what a great daughter you are!! That looks like fun!

the pilks said...

your mom is a sweet lady,
and so are you!

i am far from a sewing master
(clearly evidenced in the
cantaloupe ball...)
but would be happy to help you
with your cushion project.
let me know when!

Steve and Nery said...

Very nice tribute Catie, your mom is the most awsome person in the world to me. Thanks for osting this. You pretty ok daughter too

Steve and Nery said...

My goal is to have all the qualities of that "little lady". I always look forward to our "dates" .Anytime with you & Bennett & Dave is always fun. Thanks for being a thoughtful wonderful person...and an awesome Mom to Bennett.

Megan said...

I love your mom too. Such a sweet person! Your little guy is definitely not so little anymore. He is just, wow, so cute. Especially all that hair!