Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Root Beer-Milk

It was at Muir elementary school in the middle of the year when they first introduced us to Root Beer Milk. Although short lived, those few months offered us a beverage substitute that would forever stay in my memory.

Too bad it really wasn't that good. I could tell that even as a 6th grader.

So I got to thinking, what would be the nastiest flavor of milk?
The best idea I've come up with is watermelon milk.


Stephanie-jean Weber said...

Must be a local thing. I googled Root Beer Milk and all the makers of it are here in UT. Perhaps when we go up to Logan to the temple we will have to stop by Gossner Foods and try some, you have peeked my interest.

Goodman Family said...

Spinach milk
bean milk
pumpkin milk
squash milk

I will have to agree though, root beer milk was not the best.

We still need stop by sometime.

Stephanie-jean Weber said...

Salmon milk... any fish milk!

Bukran said...

I recall the Elementary school offering of orange milk...that was a little better.

Root beer ice cream, however, is quite tasty.

Lime milk=gotta be the worst.

dave and catie said...

tomato milk
sausage milk
onion milk
grape milk

...i think i'm
getting nauseous.

catie p.

Anonymous said...

I saw on Conan that there is actual bacon flavored vodka which made me think of bacon flavored milk which I immediately thought would be gross.

But who knows... perhaps you serve up a cup of bacon milk and a side of eggs and you've got a pretty delightful brunch.

Also- I didn't love Rootbeer milk, but I definitely liked it.

coleman said...

I have to admit... I like rootbeer milk. They also make a mango milk, and it's terrible. Hot dog milk would be nasty.