Monday, August 9, 2010

hey you.

yeah you.
i need help.

i made pizza the other night.

(he liked it).

it was good, but not great.

i need a good sauce recipe or tip...
that's right, saucy sauce.
none of this thin watery stuff.

so dig down deep, find your inner foodie
and let me in on something wonderful,
if you please.



Steve and Nery said...

That pizza looks perfect to me! Now I'm hungry... Bennett's face says it all. Love,MOM

Heather said...

Ok, I am no expert or anything, but what I like to use is either canned marinara sauce or homemade, and then I add pizza type seasonings to it like oregano, basil, some italian seasoning, ect till it tastes just right to me.If you want it a little sweeter use a little bit of brown sugar too. For pizzas like bbq chicken pizzas, I mix half bbq sauce and half pizza sauce. It is really good.
I used to have "pizza seasoning" in my spice rack and that tasted really good too. Anyway, that's what I do.
You can find easy homemade marinara sauce recipes online. Make the one that sounds the best to you and your tastes. Good luck and let me know if you find anything amazing.

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

thank you, heather!
i'm trying again tomorrow night.

Nick and Jessi said...

Nick likes the one that is on the blog "Our Best Bites." You could google it and try it.

Laura G said...

Mmmm! Looks tasty to me. Curtle is going to stop by, Keelers are in and DP is MIA. Let me know what time and if you want me to bring any thing to eat. :)

Noelle said...

Didn't see this till now! Here's the recipe I love:

(No I don't use the anchovy paste) and you can cut down on the water.

My favorite pizza dough:

And yes, I love

tycee said...

I have a good pizza sauce recipe - I will email it to you. Your pizza was delectable by the way...and Rich couldn't stop talking about the artichoke one