Thursday, August 26, 2010

the bob shirt.

thanks to my sissy kris, and her handsome guy, gerde;
little b is obsessed with this shirt.
not to mention he's the hippest two year old around.

"bob shirt. bob shirt." is his request...
every. single. morning.

thank you for loving our baby so much.

big kisses to our two loves in germany!


(b was pretty jazzed about opening his little package)


the conleys said...

so awesome!!!

Ashley said...

Hi Pilkingtons! I just came across your blog from laura and tyson--I knew Dave in college. Your blog is adorable...Catie, your photography is AMAZING!

Noelle said...

He does look adorable in that shirt, I speak from experience.

happy me said...

Catie, your little guy is a level of cute rarely seen! And that t-shirt bumps the level of "cute" to a whole new level! :)

Debra @

hawsfam said...

I told Trevor about that shirt and he was totally jealous.

Anonymous said...

Bennett is loved... from sea to shining sea. <-- that is supposed to sound incredibly corny.