Wednesday, December 22, 2010

army guys.

after he pretends
they're running
and shooting their guns,
he kisses them
and tells them
he loves them...

that's normal, right?


Heather said...

My little guys do NOT kiss them and tell them they love them. Once they are "dead" they are DEAD. What does that say about me....?

Noelle said...

I love it! He is tough and sensitive.. wonder where he gets it from?..

Noelle said...

P.S. I also love your holidayish blog header thingy.

Suzi said...

My nephew is three and after we're finished playing "army guys" he says, "C'mon Auntie, you have to kiss them so they will come back to life.." Gosh, kids are wonderful, if only it were that simple.

Kelli said...

I am pretty sure that is what our real army does.

happy me said...

Catie? You hear that sound? That's my heart melting. B is so so sweet!

Pretty creative throwing Christmas colors on your blog header.

Merry Merry Christmas Friend.
I feel very fortunate to you have in my life.

<3 & :),