Monday, December 20, 2010


good night nurse!
are there really only five days
until christmas?

after moving
and shopping
and christmas partying
and david archuletta
knocking my socks off
(i had my doubts about him
singing with the choir..and for this
i say, i'm sorry i ever doubted you
david, truly i am
aaaand dealing with dave's
this month feels
like a blur.

it's finally settling
down and we are
soaking up all
the christmas wonderfulness.

we're happily watching
all of our favorite
christmas movies and there's
one in particular i'm trying
to find from my childhood.
does anyone remember
the animated christmas movie
about a mouse and a clock???
anyway, merry christmas,
my's good to blog again.


Noelle said...

Love all the pictures! Love your decorations, love that you're posting again and love that we just might see Amos Lee in person.

the fellers said...

you moved??? Cute pictures...and that one of Bennett looks JUST like you!...wait, IS it you? i cant tell!

the fellers said...

wait, so if you moved, did I send your christmas card to the wrong address??

Anonymous said...

Invite me over.

happy me said...

You were missed girl! Love the photos; especially your Christmas tree. B looks like he's 5! Tell him to stop it!!!

Merry Merry Christmas Catie,


hawsfam said...

will you stop being so darn beautiful (the whole lot of you!).
Glad you are enjoying the holiday season!

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

vinnie, we did move but we did receive your super sweet christmas card! thank you so much for thinking of us!!

Camille said...

It was so fun to see you! Your little guy is too cute. This is WAY too late now, but I so have that movie you're talking about. Twas the Night Before Christmas. Father Mouse tells the story of waiting for Santa and Mr. Trindle builds a new clock to welcome Santa back after someone offended him. right? Our copy is recorded off TV a long time ago and not that great, but my kiddies love watching just like I did as a kid. :)