Monday, February 21, 2011


This is Dave by the way.

Two things-

I watched the documentary Helvetica last night.
Admittedly boring, even for a design nerd that likes most documentaries.

But it got me thinking about typefaces.
Do you ever look at
What is your favorite font?
You can probably learn a lot about someone by their favorite font.

Right now, my favorite is Orator STD:

Second thing-
Paul Giamatti is my favorite actor.
Two movies that support this decision are Sideways (edited) and American Splendor.

I'm glad we talked about this.


Noelle said...

Hmmm.. What does it mean when my favorite fonts are "Girls are Weird" and "Nightmare"?

Lindsey said...

American Splendor is a fave! We lava PG as well. Good taste my friend!

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

i'm really into "papyrus"...ha kidding. (does this sarcasm make me a font snob?)

i'm loving "raleway" a lot.

and i may or may not get monthly emails from a certain font website...i'm breaking all the boundaries on cool aren't i?

tell me, design nerd, what does loving "raleway" say about me? ugh, i just can't enough of myself.

dave, catie, and baby b. said...


You are positively a font snob.
Your choice of raleway signifies a deep discontent with your life right now. You want to travel, find a Brazilian waiter at a sushi bar, and run away with him.

Your choice of "Girls are Weird" in conjunction with "Nightmare" is a reference to your love life. You are interested in softball (though you've never played), WWF (though you won't admit it), and red cabbage.

It's a calling. It's a gift.

Noelle said...

I always secretly knew.. just never wanted to admit it to myself or anyone else.

You are definitely spot on with Catie too, she told me she is really in to Brazilian guys right now.

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

how did you guys find out about fernando! i was so careful!

Mary said...

Paul Giamatti is a genius. His performance in "Big Mama's House" is truly inspiring.

Kelli said...

I love Paul Giamatti. Normally I like anything he is in...except I tried to watch Cold Souls the other day and almost died of boredom.
I don't have a favorite font. It depends on what I am doing I guess!

weese said...

Trevor and I love American Splendor, too. I am a nerd. ha ha. I like good old fashioned times new roman and it bugs me that courier is the default on my microsoft word. Who likes courier? nobody!

Melanie said...

Girlfriend, you don't know what ya just started! I just spent 44 mins looking at font! My oh my! My fav, at the moment, is antipesto. Sounds yummy. Go figure, I'm a foodie. smiles!

Thanks for the sweet comment on happy jax! It's such an honor to know you'll come visit!