Thursday, February 3, 2011

if i was from paris...

i'd say ooh la la, la la la la la.
like the song...any body? any body?


well, that title came from the fact
that we had leftover FRENCH bread (from kneaders...woot woot)
from the night before and so i made
real french toast for it's true form,
how french toast should be made...
or at least i had the bread part right.

i'd never made it with actual french bread;
so if some of you are eye rolling right now...
check yourself before you wreck yourself
(i'm pretty sure i'm not using that correctly)
it was an exciting moment, just give it to me.

at any rate, it was good. real good.

you'll need:
french bread (i feel like i've established this already...)
cinnamon (yes i spilled. it tastes better if you make an unnecessary mess, you haven't heard?)
and a splash of vanilla (if you have mexican vanilla, well i shouldn't even have to finish this sentence so i'll just trust you to make good choices)

and then cook them up
real nice like.



Heather said...

looks tasty! Is that because they really do look good? or because you are just a killer photographer? Either way, I'm going to have to give that a try.

Anonymous said...

Yum! I'll be over next time you're feeling culinary!

weese said...

I'll take two plates full tomorrow morning at 8 am sharp.

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

i love it.
we'll have a french toast extravaganza.

heather you bring

mary you bring
make up.

alisa you bring

i'll supply the french toast...naturally.

we'll celebrate eating french's better than NOT celebrating eating french toast, right?

Noelle said...

It's okay to lick computer screens right?

happy me said...

"check yourself before you wreck yourself".

Catie! Kelsey's threatened to disown me if I don't stop saying that! :)

Shoot! Now I want French toast. ;)

Anonymous said...

I've been using "Chickity Check yourself before you Wrickity Wreck yourself" since I was a lower case G.

I want this toast so much.. flames, on the side of my face...

Benjamin and Jennie said...

ooo that looks so yummy!!!!!

Kelli said...

LOVE IT! Catie I would like to marry your French toast and have little French babies.
I have a recipe for Kneaders Peach French Toast that I will have to say makes me want to have an affair on your French Toast...but I'll be sneaky about it so I can have them both!
AAAHHHH Paris holds the Key to my Heart!