Wednesday, March 25, 2009

busy day

last week
bennett and i
took advantage
of one of the

we went out

and found a
fun little
park clos
e by

after that
he was in
desperate need
of "baff

then playtime
in the buff
before putting
on clothes
(getting dressed
is always
a bummer)

and after a long
day,this is
how i found
the little dude
in his crib...
all partied out

 what's with all
the snow this week?
we miss last week.


Steve and Nery said...

Very nice post, what a lucky boy Bennett is. You guys are the perfect parents.

Lindsey said...

Why do we not ever get together during the day-time?? We really must not be very good friends. Keep in touch lady.

Anonymous said...

How fun! He is the sweetest baby and you are the sweetest mom. Perfect Combo.

Stephanie-jean Weber said...

I love all of Bennett's hair! He is such a cute boy! Next time you go for a walk on one of those beautiful days you should let me know and we can meet up somewhere and enjoy the sunshine and living so close to one another!

tycee said...

Catie, you are such a cute mom! I love that picture of Bennett in his little Calvin Klein shirt. I also just noticed the "Bennett's song pick of the week" section...can this blog get any better?

Anonymous said...

Look at all of his hair! AMAZING! That is the great thing about spring time is the weather, but seriously I am so upset that it is so cold. Preston is a terror in the house wanting to give out all of his energy outside.