Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Junior Mints

Whenever I actually buy the overpriced candy at the movies, I always get Junior Mints. Refreshing, tasty, clean, and easily shared.

Does one's breath improve, or suffer after a junior mint?


Anonymous said...

Suffers. I almost passed out after I smelled your breath after watching a movie one time.

Passed out!

Anonymous said...


Alina D. said...

My only response is that Junior Mints are definitely subpar when it comes to theater candy. Whoppers is where it's at Catie!

Lindsey said...

I think it might be hereditary--my grandma always gets junior mints and then my mom does and I used to too, but have recently branched out to milk duds.

dave and catie said...

oh alina...not everyone can be an eighty year old in a twenty-five year old's body...you probably like necco waffers too....sick nasty.

i think breath suffers...sure the mint might make you think it's helping but the chocolate trumps it.