Wednesday, March 4, 2009

quotes i heart

i surround myself with
hilarious people
the best is when they don't
even know they're being funny

dave (being defensive
after i asked him a question
about something he felt
silly about):
"catie, don't ask questions
you don't know the answers to."

cory (on not leaving her
keys in the car while
she ran into the bank)
"i'm not leaving the keys
in the you don't get
hi-jacked." (completely serious)

cory (when she did leave her keys
in the car)
"don't get hi-jacked." (also
comepletely serious)

alina (when she and cory were helping
me choose between short or long
makeup brushes in nordstrom)
"well, the short ones are good because
you don't tap the mirror when you're
using them...but i like the long ones...
you know, because they make me feel pretty."

i love you guys.


Lindsey said...

So I had just read your post as and Andy and I were walking downstairs as he made a comment about it snowing alot--and I said "Good thing we weren't white outed in." What? Good times.

Molly said...

I'm always paranoid about hi-jackers when I'm waiting in the car! Guess I'm not the only one.

Alina D. said...

You should ask Cory if "the butter is thick enough to cut with a knife".

I heart YOU Catie! And for the life of me, not surprising with my memory, I can't think of something silly you've said. Don't worry, I'll be watching now! So just be your adorable little self.

dave and catie said...

Catie is quite careful in speech, but she does say unintentionally funny things.

When she doesn't know the lyrics to a song, she'll make up something else in her head that sounds similar.

actual lyric- "and the rest he can keep"
Caties version- "and the rusty tin key"


dave and catie said...

dave...i wish i could say you wrong...
at least i actually try to put words just makes sounds when you don't know the lyrics...who would simon cowell send home first on that one ay?

Anonymous said...

If I didn't know better... I'd think you were making fun of me.

Everyone knows the first place you get hi-jacked is when your sitting in a parked car.

Here's a quote from Catie:

Picture Catie laying on the ground while Alina taps her chest really hard.

"If you don't quit doing that, I'm going to go insane!"

Hi Dramatic Debbie... You're going to go insane, huh?

Lynze Loves... said...

Hey, long brushes make me feel pretty too! They make me feel like I should be sitting in my boudoir, wearing a silk robe or something. My favorite is Cory taking the keys so you don't get hijacked...I had no idea hijacking was a problem in Bountiful Utah!

I love you guys!