Thursday, July 23, 2009

july fourteenth

looky looky
who decided
to grow up
and turn one

this lucky kiddo
got his own
pecial party at
lolo and lola's

cupcakes, singing,
and loads and loads
of attention

and then he got to
spend the day
at the zoo with his
pilkington fam
eating lemon

cupcakes and gazing
(very quietly and thoughtfully)
at all the animals

thanks for all
the birthday
love...even though
he has no idea
what this whole
birthday thing
is about...he still
thought the cupcakes
the zoo the gifts
and all the special

was pretty sweet.

right now:
he is absolutely
obsessed with
swimming (if not
at his swimming
lessons, with lola
at great grandma's

love's kicking
his ball around

can say dada
and mama (but likes
dada way more)

and is walking-ish
(it can only be on his
terms he's still
getting his feet wet)

we love you mr. b
happy bennett day.


Lisa said...

What a joy of a day!! No one year old could ask for a better b-day!!

tycee said...

Bennett is #1! LOVE the family pic of you three.

the fellers said...

ok, he is so cute!! And I didnt know you guys had a blog! how fun! I cant wait to check it out could check ours out if you want, but we are private, so email me at and I will invite you!!


Bukran said...

Is that kid riding a 20-foot high didgeridoo?

Lindsey said...

I love that pic of you three. I can't believe he is already one!!! Didn't we just have your baby shower last month?? What a cutie!!

Anonymous said...

He's simply the best. Better than all the rest.

Steve and Nery said...

Bennett is absolutely our little "prince"! So wonderful to celebrate his very first b-day with family.
Love & kisses from your Lolo & Lola!