Sunday, July 5, 2009

lovely little disguise

mr. b insists
on keeping
his toys in the
living room...
not so tidy

so i found this
broken box...
hammered it

painted it,
found some
fancy paper,
yadda yadda...

and now we have
a sweet little box
to hide his
toys in...and it's
aesthetically pleasing,
which doesn't hurt.


dave and catie said...

Adorable puddin', simply adorable.

Stephanie-jean Weber said...

We are in DESPERATE need of something like that. Nate hates his toys and books being on the three shelves in the living room which are his!

Lynze Loves... said...

Cute! Catie, what would you say to having a craft night? I need you to share your skills with me!!

dave and catie said...

i would love love love
to have a craft night!
especially with you,
and we MUST go to the
little place where i found
the lovely paper...i just
know you would heart it
as i do!

lets seriously set something
up with all the girlies, yes?

catie p.

Lindsey said...

I wanna come!!! I want craft night!!! Love the box lady. You are my inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Catie- You're one talented son of a B.

Goodman Family said...

Very cute box. I am very jealous, i'm not crafty or talented like that.
I know we were so bummed we couldn't make it, but are you guys coming the pizza swimming shine dig Tuesday night?
Bring your little guy if you are we will have Parker.
Hope to see ya

Devin said...

You're so creative! The box is lovely. And I see that you have the same Alfred Hitchcock set that we do...

Devin said...

That comment from Devin was really from Molly. Just for the record.

And so was this one.

heather said...

why are you so much better than me?


Derk & Jen said...

Come to my house and make it cute!!!!

tycee said...

How cute are you Catie? I love it.