Thursday, September 9, 2010


it took a whole lot of lying
and the cooperation of my fantastic husband
and some equally fantastic boys
but i pulled off my first:

cat's pajamas day.

i told dave he had to take his
friend, scott, to the airport early
in the morning when in reality he
was picking him up to go golfing
(is dave a retired old man? no, but
he fancies himself a bit of the golf
and that's just fine with me)

then to brunch.
(is he a middle aged rich woman? no again,
but that's what you eat when you
play golf in the morning and it's not
quite lunch time when you finish...i don't make the rules)

to make a long fun surprise filled story short:

there were
random gifts.

random notes.
a rack-of-lamb dinner.
a chocolate cake.
and a late night movie at the gateway
with his brother, john, and
brother-in-law, andrew.

just wanted to show my appreciation
for the guy that takes such good care
of his family, and is a gentleman all the way.
father's day...and all those other days,
just simply aren't enough.

you, dave, are truly the cat's pajamas.

thank you thank you to scott, john and andrew for being my little accomplices.


dave, catie, and baby b. said...

You sweetheart. I am so lucky to have you. Thanks for making me feel so appreciated.

Heather said...

Wow. Catie is the best wife ever! I guess I should have married her too.

You have the best handwriting I have ever seen. I love it. Especially the window.

the conleys said...


this is fantastic!

and I agree... may we discuss this handwriting of yours?


Amy May said...

Cute, cute, cute idea! Cute gifts, cute everything. I'm in awe!

And your handwriting should be a computer font so that the rest of us can appear cool while you my dear actually are.

And it's national sewing month, so I think we should get together and sew?

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

aw thank you my peeps!
but let's be honest, my handwriting is only good when i try...most of the
time it's not readable...and it came from try to copy my sister, kris' handwriting...her handwriting is truly amazing and she studied calligraphy...sigh.

mccall said...

dude. stop making us all look bad! you are seriously darling.

Lindsey said...

you are adorable. andy wouldn't know what to do with himself if he got a day like this instead of his normal daily greeting from a frazzled, cranky wife. how do you do it lil missy...

happy me said...

OMGosh Catie! So thoughtful and cute. :)

(i LOVE your handwriting!)

Debra @

Anonymous said...

I've got an idea. This should transcend into other people in your life... like friends and neighbors... or neighbors that are friends. (ie; ME)

But, being a friend to Catie Pilky means that every day is Cat's Pajamas day. I mean that. Name a nice thing and you've likely done it for me.

Dave's a lucky guy! You two are perfect for each other.

The Clip Cafe said...

:-) Awesome pics!

Noelle said...

From the bottom of my toes: You are amazing. (I want to be like you when I am grown up.)

hawsfam said...

Good thing Trevor doesn't read blogs or he'd feel seriously undervalued!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea. I need to call you to get birthday ideas for Josh. Maybe you should write a book...........

Alina D. said...

I'm sure I'm repeating sentiments from above (too lazy to read them all) but I just have to say you are amazing!!! Probably the sweetest and most caring person I know. Please tell me I'll be next in line if you and Dave ever decide to call it quits ;)