Tuesday, September 21, 2010

zee avi.

this song reminds me of fall.
(even though dave claims he
didn't show it to me until
after christmas...but if
you ask me, the handsome
devil is full of it)

mmm, her voice. like butta...
and isn't she
just down right adorable?


Noelle said...

I love it.

I would love it even more if you were singing it but hey.. I take what I can get.

hawsfam said...

Hey catie, we are making a halloween craft at my house Wed around 11:30 if you want to come...email me or call Caryn for the details!

Ashley said...

You should hear my 2-yr old singing this song :)

She is cute! I remember looking up this music video and being totally surprised that voice came out of that cute little girl. Oh how I wish I could sing...