Wednesday, May 18, 2011


adele's new album
blows my mind bullets...
knocks my socks off...
rocks my world...
kills me with wonderfulness...
okay, that's not a saying
and i'm pretty sure the 'mind bullets'
one isn't either but it is so so good.

track 11
"someone like you"
breaks my heart...
i've never experienced what she's
singing about but the way she
sings it makes me feel like i have...
and let's just say i shed some tears.
(this means i had a river of tears streaming down
and i had my ugly cry face on)


Noelle said...

Okay, okay, I'll buy it!

(P.S. I would love to see your ugly cry face sometime.)

(P.P.S I may or may not have recorded High School Musical 1, 2, and 3 this week.)

Melanie said...

DARN IT! I knew I loved you. I can't wait to buy his album. Rolling in the deep is my absolute favorrite song! (mr jax's too) Jax & I always blast it, on VH1, & dance our booties off in the living room! Now that is a good time!

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

Her album is amazing isn't it!

I love 'Turning Tables' too. Another standout track for me.

Her 1st album was good, but I think 21 is better. I hope she tours Aus soon!