Wednesday, May 25, 2011

call me crazy...

but i am l o v i n g
all the rain we're getting.

everything is so clean and fresh
(and yes, i purposefully said clean then fresh to avoid breaking out into a rap)
and even though it's raining
it isn't freezing...making it
perfect for us to dance around in.


Anonymous said...

I love these photos! I love his flopsy hair one.

The other day we were walking to my car and he saw a mud puddle and he looked at me and then looked at the puddle... and I loudly exclaimed (not yelled) "NOOO!"... and then he looked bummed.

You are so awesome for letting him be a carefree kid. He is lucky to have you as his Mammy. And I am lucky to have you as a friend. (I had to write that last sentence that way because the alternative would have been "thank you for being a friend" in which I would sing the entire theme song"

We're just musically inclined, that's all.

Heather said...

Awesome. Your kid looks clean and fresh. MY kids come in looking muddy and smell like that stinky boy smell.

Melanie said...

Catie friend... these are just glorious! You really do capture ALL the beautiful qualities in Mr b. I know this is going to sound super cheesey, BUT I feel like you kinda capture a lil bit of his soul in your pictures. That's how amazing you are at it. Does that even make any sense?

You're just mad good girl!

Laura G said...

He is all boy and you capture him so well. I'm coming to Utah next Tuesday. Lets plan a play date with all the girls. I'll e-mail you details once I think up some. :)

Noelle said...

I miss his hair! (Though he is ever so handsome now as well.) I feel like he looks so much like Dave in the jumping pictures.. don't ask me why, he just does.

happy me said...

Catie! Those b/w rain shots of the B are fantastic.

And, since you love the rain so much, you can house-swap with me and come prune-up here in Portland!