Monday, May 9, 2011


to be the daughter of
my crazy, strong,
kind, beautiful, funny,
little lady.

(just to give you an idea
of what she's all about)
i gave her flowers over
the weekend, for mother's day;
and this morning she asked
me if i would feel bad if
she gave some of them to
a woman at her work
who had lost a grandchild
a few days ago....that's how
my mom rolls...i love her.

and equally as blessed to
be the mom to this beautiful little squirt.


Noelle said...

Your mom is so sweet! (I guess that's where you get it from.) And Bennett is the luckiest boy on earth to have such a great mom. I'm so grateful for your friendship and example of what a mother truly is.

the conleys said...

that is so generous and kind of your mom... she's beautiful.
AND, I LOVE that you called bennett a little squirt.... hahahah... he's so dang cute!!!

happy mother's day to you!


Benjamin and Jennie said...

I can't even believe how big bennet looks!. What a handsome boy!!!

Melanie said...

Wow! Yo mama is one HOT MAMA! She is such a pretty lady. I see where ya get your beauty & your beautiful heart from. Hope you both had a lovely Mother's Day.

Oh Mr B., you are quite the lady killer! Love that lil smile.