Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the 411, the low down, the skinny

july 14th: i went in to labor at 1:00am
1:00pm rolls around and because of some
scary complications the doc thought it
would be best to do a c-section

2:00 rolls around and cute sweet little
bennett is born and greeted by lots of anxious
family and the happiest mommy and daddy

july 15th: feeling great - a little out of it
but happy that everything went well, excited
about going home in 2 days

july 16th:
bennett: yellow, test were done and they found
he had a super high level of jaundice
catie: freezing, chills, then supe
r hot
and sweaty
test were done and they found out i had an
infection...tack on 2 more days to our hospital
stay to get the antibiotics needed (that is, if no
fevers come back)
davey: the perfect comforting daddy and hus
who stayed right by our side making the stay a
ton more tolerable..on not a lot of sleep

july 17th:
feeling good, feeling excited to go home,
feeling happy bennett's jaundice is go
ing down

july 18th:
bennett's jaundice is gone
catie's fevers are back (way bummed)

july 19th:
catie's fevers gone...but now has pnuemonia
new realms of bummed

july 20th:
things are looking up and we are getting really
anxious to head home tomorrow

july 21:
home at last! and with a crazy hospita
l experience
to tell

it wasn't all bad... i hate to sound negative
the doctors were amazing and knew exactly what to
do for us. the nurses were even more amazing. we
got to know several of them quite well because of
our lengthy stay and i can't tell you how impressed
we were.

we had family and friends calling an
d coming all week
to visit us. i got to talk to my sister, krissy, who is
all the way in germany. we couldn't feel more blessed and
loved and supported. we're so excited about our sweet little
baby boy. thank you everyone for your prayers.

ps another positive/funny thing is that dave got to
see catie on pain medication...i hardly ever take any
medication and they were handing them to me left and
right...anyway, apparently i carry on conversations
in my sleep.


LW said...

What a crazy week! I'm so glad you and the baby are doing better. He looks adorable, and I can't wait to come and see him in person. Let me know if you need anything!

Bukran said...

Wow. Mother and child had more infectious diseases than government-issue blankets bound for Native Americans!

Glad to hear all is well. You were definitely in our thoughts and prayers.