Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Buyer's Remorse - 3 short stories that are somehow connected - by David Pilkington

We were amongst family the other day and an interesting subject came up in our conversation. Spencer Coleman stated that he could never be a gambler because he would live in a constant internal battle over buyer's remorse. The thing with gambling is that you can never take back your bet like you can a big screen TV to Wal-Mart after the super bowl.
Then Catie piped in with her perfume story.

Apparently, Catie bought the most outrageously priced perfume I have heard of (to the tune of +$100/ 2oz.) from Nordstrom once, only to find the fragrance totally unappealing to her back at home.
So she tries it on over and over again, hoping it will magically change with age (like a bottle of fine wine), to no avail.
So 2 years later, she takes this used bottle of perfume back, and they give her a full refund.

Are you shocked? I was. But not to the extent as when I heard that Spencer's friend bought $30 shoes from Nordstrom Rack and took them back to Nordstrom for an $80 refund.

Which brings me to my final story- The G-Star shirt.

I bought a long sleeved, G-star shirt last fall from Pib's Exchange for $9. I wore that shirt more than any other shirt in the history of my wardrobe. It ripped, Catie patched it, it ripped again, Catie made me throw it away. I still miss it. The shirt made me feel like a super hero.

-The opposite of buyer's remorse

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Anonymous said...

Well Dave. It sounds to me that you need to make some sort of shadow box or pillow with the remnants of your shirt.

Then again, this might cost more than the original purchase. So....that blows.