Wednesday, July 9, 2008

happy feet

no these are not the feet of the pillsbury doughboy
sadly these are my feet
i'm now about three weeks from having
our sweet little baby boy and
the heat+pregnancy=crazy swelling for catie's
feet...and what were once ankles
my feet may be horrifying to look at
but please note the fabulous paint job
cory willey surprised me with a
fantastic pedicure (and was patient enough
to sit through my laughing fit...i'm a bit ticklish)
so thanks to cory for the pedicure and
dave for the endless foot massages
my feet might make it to the very end

ps i got fitted for compression hose today because
my doc thinks my swelling's a bit outrageous...wonder
what those are going to feel like


Anonymous said...

How do you get fitted for compression hose? I want some, but not for my feet. For my whole body! Can you imagine? I'd look Fabulous.

Your feet are adorable even if they are swollen a little.

Lots of Love.... So, this is weird... are you going to pay me?

Stephanie-jean Weber said...

HAHAHA... You are going to have to wear TED hoes! Oh, that is seriously not funny :D Those things are so ugly, are you going to wear them out to the pool! Make sure to take pictures of that for me!!!

LW said...

If it makes you feel better, my feet are swollen and I'm not even pregnant...