Sunday, October 25, 2009

journal entry::bloggy style

i am astounded at how fast b is growing up.
he truly is no longer a baby...he's a little boy...
and a stinkin' cute one at that...take my breath away.

i love how interested he is in everything that isn't

a toy...or edible...everything must be taste

i love how dramatic he is. he falls down a gazillion t
a day but if the mood is just right (meaning he's hungry
or tired) and he falls or something doesn't go his way,
watch out, it's like a terrorist attack.

it's 12:20am right now...sunday night, or monday morning.
b is asleep, davey is asleep, my house smells like clorox
because i stayed up to clean like a mad w
oman, laundry is
done, dishes are done...i'm in heaven. my home is quiet.
peaceful. my wonderful husband and equally wonderful
super baby are fast and warm and happy and
where i can reach them. i love my home. i love the spirit
that dwells here (which is surely here because of my 2 wonderfuls).
i love and am grateful for my life...please never let me forget.
please never let me take it for granted....

night night.



Lindsey said...

beautiful. and that is not a word that i usually use.

tycee said...

Cute little family of 3. I love when people count their blessings