Thursday, October 29, 2009

the witches gathering

did you know that every year,
one chilly night in october,
when the moon is full,
witches gather to feast and
celebrate all hallows eve?

well, we do.
and this year noelle, the
witchiest witch of us all,
hosted it.

i went as abigail williams
(winona ryder) from "the crucible"

we played all kinds of witchy games.
cory was killed by a pumpkin
my drink was poisoned...we both
had to die dramatically in front
of all the other witches.

riley was the one that ended up
being the secret murderer of the night.

and i'm pretty sure emmy
won best costume...

i met all kinds of new witches also.

then we played game. ever

oh, and don't let me forget all
of the delicious witch food noelle slaved over.
she's sort of a wo
nder woman hostess.

until next year, fellow witches!
(cackle cackle)

ps...for all those interested,
this witch got a new phone...yay!


Goodman Family said...

I absolutely love it! I think that is awesome you witches get together.
Happy Halloween!

Noelle said...

Why thank you for the kind words! :) I better get started on planning next year's party!

Lindsey said...

WTF! Where was my invite!