Thursday, October 1, 2009

wild rumpus

do not be fooled by
this sweet face...

no nap,
when he usually takes two.

no eating,
because apparently he
thinks he's too busy.

it's a good thing he's
so blasted cute
and hilarious.

but really...
today, naughty baby...
who is so squishy
and yummy.


Anonymous said...

Read him a story.

And then Hunca Munca died after eating the rat poison, leaving all her little thieving babies to take care of themselves. The biggest brother got really really hungry. And so he ate...each and every one of his little brothers and sisters. And then when he was finishing up his last brother, he got caught in his throat. He choked to death on his BABY BROTHER!

Moral of the story. "That's why you don't steal pots and pans from a doll house for your mouse babies."

dave, catie, and baby "b" said...

Beatrix Potter revisited by Cory Willey.

So his baby brother went on to live a life with only the front half of his body. He couldn't digest anything for he had no stomach. He was doomed to crawl alone in that big dollhouse for the rest of his pitiful life.

Laura G said...

Cute little lamb! We miss him. When we see you next will you work your magic on Lydia and Bennett? They'd make a cute pair. We have those days around here too. Minus the eating, she has never skipped a meal. Ha ha.