Wednesday, September 30, 2009

my sis

always has my back.

knows my heart.

funniest person...ever.
(meaning, if i've ever said
anything funny, it was most
likely stolen from her.)

sharper than a tack.

true beauty.

loves me fiercely.

did my hair and makeup for
school dances...and made me
feel pretty. (if anyone knew
me in high school...yikes...
not that much has changed)




sassy like crazy.

thank the Maker for skype
and telephones.

i miss you and love you
with a thousand hearts, sissy kris.


Steve and Nery said...

Oh my little racoons. The two of you always make everything so fun and intersting.

Love you both

Steve and Nery said...

All true!!! Both of you have such fierce loyalty for each other & your brother it brings tears to my eyes. Can't imagine life without you. You make us so proud.

Steve and Nery said...

Last comment was from MOM

The Haslam Family said...

i was going to ask you if you guys used skype. perhaps we could do the acting game via skype. i found a dave pilkington in slc but im not in the habit of skyping people i look up without verification