Monday, September 14, 2009

shout out to lindsay

see this highchair?
a very talented gal
named lindsay
refinished it and now
mr. b has
sweetest highchair
in these here parts.
(although i'm certain
he couldn't care less)

but there aren't
just, no.
there ar
e end tables,
chests, dressers,
desks...and hutches!
oh the hutches!

click here
to see
what all the fuss is

if you can resist
purchasing, at l
go and day dream an
of course
drool a little.

miss lindsay, you're
a total babe.


Lindsey said...

Holy Crap! Who is this 'Lindsay?' Her stuff is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

She is awesome. I want to A) get some money and then B) spend that money on her goods.

Whose up for a quick trip to Wendover? I'm feeling lucky.

Lisa said...

WOW this is great stuff! That is exactly what Brad does, only we have never thought to sell anything!!! DUH.

tycee said...

That's cute. And Rich would be proud that you wrote "couldn't care less" since most people say "could care less" - he's quite the grammar king :)