Monday, September 28, 2009

public apology

dear b,

sorry i gave you such
a horrendous haircut...
will you forgive me?
(you're still drop dead adorable,
in fact, i almost want to curse).

and while i'm feeling
all apologetic

dear dave,

sorry i dressed bennett
up like a girl...i'll
never do it again...maybe.
(i would have a picture
of that but...well, you know.)


the fellers said...

hahaha, you are hilarious!

Steve and Nery said...

I think it makes him look a little like the always cute Opie Taylor only better looking.

Anonymous said...

I'm imagining him in a rose suede-ish robe with a cigarette on the end of a long stick. His name is something like Bertie.

He's just too cute. Also- when you dressed him up like a girl... why wasn't I there? Give him a little squeeze for me.

Laura G said...

Poor kid...jk, he is still freakin' adorable!!! (freakin' not a good word, should probably not use it as much as I do.)