Wednesday, September 2, 2009

cell phone

for anyone
trying to
get a hold
of me...since
i'm s'darn
my phone is
on the fritz.

have no fear
my babies,
according to
the overly
chipper ian
at t-mobile,
my new phone
should be
here in 5 to 7
mom, for your help.
isn't it sad
how quickly a
26 year old girl
can revert back
to a panicky
child when
her cell phone
breaks down?
parents are
the best, no
matter how old
you are.


Anonymous said...

I agree! I have triple A but before I ever call them in an emergency I always call good ol Mom and Dad. They never lead me astray.

I'm glad you're getting a new phone with a window so you can read texts. It's just not the same not being able to text you random things.

Love you!

Laura said...

Reminds me of Zach Morris' phone from the good 'ol days. :)

Lisa said...

Moms are always the best.
btw... I freak out when my phone is needing a charge during the day, no way could I go 5-7 days with out it!!! Crazy how dependent we are to those things...

Stephanie-jean Weber said...

Tried texting you the other day then remembered that you said you are without your phone. So... just thought I would let you know that WE ARE HAVING A GIRL!!!

The Bowman Family said...

That is so true. Parents are the bomb. It was great seeing you at they gym last week!