Monday, September 21, 2009

1930's boxer

bennett "twinkle toes" pilkington
heavyweight champion of the world
weighing in at a whopping 23 pounds.

when he's not defeating
opponents in the ring, he can be found working
down at the docks or
selling "papes" on the street corner.


dave, catie, and baby "b" said...

Look out for his big right hook. I heard he puts lead in his gloves.

Steve and Nery said...

The amazing Mr. Guapo, you don't want to get in his way when he is wielding his light saber he will kick your butt. His athletic talents have no end; soccer, basketball, body building, boxing, swinging ans best of all swimming.

What a stud

Heather said...

So cute!...Uh I mean manly and overwhelmingly beefy.

Anonymous said...

He's roughed me up a bit.... You think he's going to be nice by smoothing my face and then he back hands me. Little devil. His hair certainly is cute.

I love this guy.

Laura G said...

He is so tough!!! Lydia weighs 3 more pounds, think we might need to lay off the sweets.

Lindsey said...

Catie, catie, catie...You and David sure make good babies. (HAHAHA I indirectly made a sexual reference...did you catch it?) Why can't we ever get together? Let's schedule something a week out then we have to do it because it's like having an appointment. That's what we now are to each other--appointments. :)

Derk & Jen said...

He just gets cuter and cuter!

Steve and Nery said...

How did you get him to pose like that! Everyone at work thinks Bennett is adorable!
Love you, sweetie! From your Lola

the fellers said...

HA! I love him, he is so cute!