Thursday, June 24, 2010

mr. bojangles.

what started out as
watering our flowers
on the balcony,
quickly turned into a
straight up water fight...
and then ended with b
dancing around like a happy fool,
with the bowl on his head.


Anonymous said...

I am just curious about something. How is it that each and every time I see this guy he is cuter than the time before? Seems unnatural really.

Kenna said...


Amy May said...

But it looks like so much fun. when do you want to get together to sew?

Alisha Stamper | Photographer said...

#1: pilkshake. maybe i peed my pants a little. hahahahaha.

#2: he looks JUST LIKE YOU in the last picture.

you're amazing. for real. i'm done "i need to see her"-ing. Time for it to happen! I'll stay on the ball!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Never a dull moment.

I love those pictures!!!

Benjamin and Jennie said...

oh that cute face!!! i miss the little guy. it made me so sad as we were starting to move and unable to have play time with bennet. I saw him slowly looked at me differently. I wasn't all he remembered. I still love him. I wish I were in provo tomorrow so badly. Call me lets make set plans for when we can see each other again!

hawsfam said...

Love your blog. It makes me smile. And dang, could you be more beautiful in that video? sheesh. Lucky woman.

Noelle said...

Wow I have been slacking on blog stalking you.. I guess seeing you in real life helps me get my fill.

He is adorable.
I love him.
I love you.
Taya loves both of you.

Lisa said...

so freakin' cute! THAT is what summer is all about!!