Sunday, June 6, 2010


bennett: "gam ra...gam ra."

me: "yep, it's a camera
but we don't touch it okay?
bennett, don't touch...
no no touchy.
bennett, bennett-"

and then he touched the lens...
and laughed...and tried to
touch it again. nice.

does anyone else think it's the most
adorable thing ever, when children
tell you sorry? i almost want bennett
to be naughty so i can hear it.


Amy May said...

That's very funny. When do you want to get together and sew? What project do you want to try?

Noelle said...

Children say they're sorry? Hmmm.

Love his new picture on the sidebar!

I am trying to plan a coupon night! Are you around the next couple of weeks?

Steve and Nery said...

He is just the cutest! almost TWO!!! Yeyyy!
Love, Lola