Friday, June 11, 2010

salt love city.

have i mentioned i l o v e
living in salt lake city?
i haven't?
well i do. a lot.

i have many reasons
but i will only list one
because it is ridiculous and
slightly embarassing and
i think it's healthy to be
able to laugh at yourself:

it makes me feel hip.

there, i said it...

i may not dress cool
or drive a scooter
but i do live downtown.

it's all i've got,
just give it to me.

*took this picture
after a fantastic
rainstorm on sunday.


Anonymous said...

Wow. This is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Catie, That is a great picture! I love Salt Lake City too. My favorite reason though is that I get to live by you.

On a side note: You are hip. Way hip.
When you sing along to 'imma be'... specifically when the beat picks up.

dave, catie, and baby "b" said...

In order to be truly hip, you have to: A) read, B) Ride a bike, and C) drink coffee. I don't do any of these.

And technically, you don't live downtown either. But I do love you.


Laura G said...

This photo needs to be in my Utah Calender...or in some fancy magazine! Wow!

I've always thought you were super hip...even before I lived in Salt Lake.

Laura G said...

YOU lived in Salt lake. (typo)

Noelle said...

Great picture! I wish I was hip.. Living in Bountiful means you get to see everyone you ever grew up with.. everywhere

dave, catie, and baby "b" said...

dave, you ruin everything.
i live more downtown than anyone above 10th east...and i'm the hip one...not you.

kiss kiss

Kenna said...

I am laughing at your comments by dave.
you are hip, super hip, and you have cute clothes.
I too love living in slc, the other day we were talking about moving and i decided i would have a hard time leaving because we are so close to everything, and it is always exciting. i think anywhere else would be boring.

mccall said...

holy CRAP. that picture is absolutely incredible. i am drooling.

oh how i miss that city.

Amy May said...

Sounds like a plan. Let me know, and have a blast!

tycee said...

That picture is amazing, award worthy, stunning. Love this post

SARAH T. said...

You are pretty cool. I have always wanted to say I live in SLC. Darn... totally not even close.

the fellers said...

oh my gosh, wow....that is all I can say, it really is so cool hey? And I am such a scaredy pants, that I remember that Sunday and I remember looking at that sky and I remember being on the verge of tears, cause it looked like a tornado, but looking at the picture makes me smile, because it is so perfect!

Molly said...

Aw, I miss living there. By the way, when I did live there, I drove a scooter. So much hipper than you.

Great picture!

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

yeah...even without the scooter you are hipper than me, that's just a fact of life. oh and if you didn't have to move away and be selfish we'd practically be next door neighbors...