Monday, June 7, 2010


on june 5th it was 3 years.

i wish i would have kept a secret
tape recorder in my pocket
when we announced we were engaged.
why? you ask. well, people...mostly
women, are pretty silly/crazy
about their advice and their
"warnings" to girls getting married...
may i never ever be that way.

now, if someone were to tell me
"3 years down the road, dave is
going to make you a cool little
anniversary video...all about you
(with appearances by your cute baby,
you dressed up like a geisha but
really just looking like heath ledgers
version of the joker, and a lot
of moments of all the fun you guys
will have had)"...i probably would
have believed you because i knew that's
just how thoughtful and creative dave is.

thank you for being you.
thank you for letting me be me.
thank you for all the happiness.
i love you, davey.

yes i do slap someone
in part of the footage...
it was a soap opera...
i'm such a good actress.


Lindsey said...

do you really sleep with an eye cover thingy? i should get andy one of those. he's always whining about how i want the sun to come in the window to 'wake us up.'

this was truly beautiful. you are both amazing-inside and out. xoxo

Anonymous said...

so cute

Anonymous said...

I love it! Catie- I love you. And that was such a nice video Dave.

You two really are so impressive.

Benjamin and Jennie said...

oh sweet dav! What a wonderful video!! katie is just the best, isn't she:)

Heather said...

Not surprised one bit that Dave did this for you Catie. You married a sweetheart. You and your family are gorgeous. What fun memories you have so far. Pretty soon you will be married 8 years and wonder where the time went. (like me) enjoy every minute of it.

Kenna said...

i'm obsessed with your blog and posts, super cute! you all are going to have the best documented life.

Laura G said...

Soap opera, cliff jumping, eating crawdads....bests parts by far. Ha ha. :)

Such a special tribute you lucky lady. I love all the sweet moments Dave's captured of you and B. Precious!!!

Noelle said...

You are so beautiful! What a thoughtful present. You guys are the cutest. Happy anniversary :)

tycee said...

Catie, you are a babe and such a cute mom. Dave, nice video as always!

The Conleys said...

Near tears. So beautiful. I adore you guys!!