Monday, January 3, 2011

Best Christmas Ever

If you're wondering what Bennett keeps saying
and over
and over again,

it's "Buzz Lightyear Shoes".


weese said...

Pete loves buzz lightyear too. He got woody and rex for christmas, too. It was pretty sweet.

the conleys said...

cutest video I have EVER SEEN.

Noelle said...

So cute!! I love that he was ready to strip immediately after seeing the box. The diaper & sneakers only look is so awesome.

P.S. I love the Harry Potterish moving photos on the side :)

happy me said...

Bennett, Santa, and Buzz LightYear shoes = almost too much cute to bear! :)

Gorgeous photos of the family in the park too.

Could you please warn a girl the next time you make your profile pics come to life!? (once the shock wore off, I <3 your new profile pics!).

Debra (aphotographicmemory)

Stephanie-jean Life:SemiCrunchy said...

I know another 2 year old boy that ADORES Buzz Lightyear! Nate calls Buzz, "infinity and beyond"

Laura G said...

I love his little cute. So cute that he was trying to take his jammies off so fast so he could get his new shoes on! His little voice is cute.