Monday, January 24, 2011

my 2011.

this new years has been a little
different for me and i am actually
being thoughtful about the goals
i'm setting for myself...which
hasn't been the case in the past
(apparently that approach
didn't really work for me...whoops.)

i'm going to be posting about
the things i'll be working
on this year, one at a time.

i got the idea when i looked at my
unrealistically lengthy list from last new years
and one of my resolutions was to
read through my resolutions throughout the year.

my first improvement is cooking.

now, i'm going for healthy here,
but my point is that i'm fully capable
of making all meals and treats...
even if they call for two sticks of butter.
at home. as in...not purchased at a store
or at a drive thru window.

a homemade cookie is definitely
better than some packaged thing
with freaky unknown ingredients.

i give you:
the peanut butter rolo cookie
(or as some have called it: the best thing
you'll ever put in your mouth)

make them.
eat one.
then give the rest to
the lovelies in your life
and get your cookie eating
butt to the gym, because
you know i have a post
coming about that.

oh and:
looky look what i took.


Kenna said...

Yummy! I want the recipe, please! Good luck on your goals...

Noelle said...

I love me some peanut butter and chocolate combos, but to add caramel in on top of that? I think I may faint. (And your food photography skillz put me to shame. I'm going to go eat a cookie.)

Anonymous said...


dave, catie, and baby b. said...

kenna, the recipe is linked to the "rolo cookie" that's in yellow :)

make them, you won't be disappointed.

i double he recipe and freeze half to have it on hand.

the conleys said...

these look killer!!!!!!!!

Rich said...

Good luck with your 2011, Catie. I think you just ruined mine because I'm going to be eating these every day.


Laura G said...

Oh, I love this idea and sharing healthy recipes...I went through a organic baby spinach phase about a month ago and was putting it in just about everything I made.

Those cookies look delicious!