Sunday, January 16, 2011

no blogging and no consistent internet makes catie something something...

(you'll only understand the title if you're down with the simpsons)

hello 2011;
it's wonderful to meet you.
i have a feeling we'll be
getting along splendidly.

i have a lot that i have
wanted to blog about
for the new year, however,
since it's 11:30 i'll just leave
you with this little update:

this kid:

has been giving me a run for my money. oh my.
i keep telling myself it'll get better once we're not
cooped up all. the. time. for the's hoping.


happy me said...

It *WILL* Catie!
And what did I just tell you about not allowing him to get any bigger or any cuter?!?
You don't listen.

:) & <3
Debra (at a.p.m.) ;)

the fellers said...

oh I feel the same way, my kids are making me crazy, I want to air to be clear, then I feel like I can let them play in the snow, but that lasts a whole 30 minutes, so I want it to be nice out, so they can run and play and release all their energy and then crash at will get better....once he can be free...I know summers are the easiest with my boy!

Kelli said...

No Beer and No TV make Homer something something...
All Kids and no quiet makes Kelli something something...
Catie I'm hoping for the same. Today we had fun painting birdhouses that we got for a dollar at Joanns.
Good luck.

Benjamin and Jennie said...

it does get better once they can run a and play in nice weather outside!!!! :) FYI Arizona weather is amazing right now come on down and hang out for a while!!!:)

Noelle said...

Come to Noey's and dance out your pain! Baby B and Little Miss T will get in all sorts of trouble together.. and we won't even care because we'll be busy jerking.. (Yes, I just said that.)

Anonymous said...

I've got a question for you? Does Bennett miss me as much as I miss him?

No. He would if I were made of plastic, lit up when you hit me and was tattooed with Buzz Light Year and Woody.

I've got an idea. Why don't we plan a get together and we do something fun with Bennett. Like swimming at the bubble, going to a dollar movie, going to the zoo... Something. We can get him out of the house and then while he is trying to drift off into nap time in his car seat I can try to keep him awake while he smiles and nods off. (My favorite thing)

Laura G said...

He's so sweet. I long for the days when we have a backyard and can just send the little munchkins out to play, rain or shine. Wish we could come over and play!