Wednesday, January 5, 2011


have you been to gourmandise?
you haven't? (do i sound appalled? i am.)
my aunt debbie took me here
when i was a little girl and i
experienced marzipan for the
first time.......mmmmmmmm.

you won't be disappointed.

everything is
(in the words of mr. b)
aaaand the people that work
there are almost as sweet
as some of the desserts they sell...
but it's not just a french bakery,
there are soups and
sandwiches (aren't there, noey?:) too.

4th east and between 3rd and 4th south
in good ol' salt lake city.

and a french pistachio macron, for this gal.


Noelle said...

Yummy sandwiches indeed!

Oh the sweet memories of you and Cory rescuing me that cold winter night. I will forever remember your kindness.. and Zac.

Noelle said...

And the sandwich, and the 5 different desserts I bought, and the bites I had of your desserts..

Amy May said...

Yummmmmm, I love that place!
But it is a TRAVISITY that you did not recognise the delightful almond horn. Poor neglected thing!

Kenna said...

I have never been there or heard of it before, but from your post, you made it sound and look so good, I think it is a MUST stop!!!

Camille said...

Is that one of the workers? She looks familiar...
Anywho, we have a little shop similar to that called Sweetly Divine. And let me tell you, it is! The guys is super nice and is from Poland or something. I always forget. I want to try out your place and you should cruise on up to Logan and try mine!