Tuesday, January 5, 2010

going once going twice

my glider.
it's cute.
it's green.
and best of
all it's free.

i recovered the
foot rest but, alas,
i don't know how
to sew, so the seat
cushions aren't
done. (i will include
the left over material
if you wish)

she is a tad rickety
because of old age...
but she serves her purpose.

must be the first to comment
must promise to give her a loving home
must pick her up by tomorrow night
(otherwise we have to take her
to the d.i.)


Goodman Family said...

For reals??? Can we come get it tomorrow??? If this is not a joke I would love it!

dave, catie, and baby "b" said...

it's yours!
sold to the
cutest prego
girl around!

will you
leave me your
email address?
then i can give
you my info

Goodman Family said...


I have a dr. appt tomorrow so I can't come till after 1 or so if that is ok?

dave, catie, and baby "b" said...

of course!
i emailed you.
just call me when you
want to come by!


SARAH T. said...

I LOVE your fabric. Can we get together and sew? I am really getting into it lately. Although you would have to come when the babes are asleep. I guess that would mean a sleep over? We are looking into buying a home. Scary thought....

I have a super duper favor to ask of you.... I have a MD appointment for my kidneys and was wondering if you could watch Preston for me. It is Feb 8th at 1pm. I have to come up to SLC / LDS hospital for my MD appointment. Preston is just not ideal to take to the MD and try to have a serious discussion with. Please! I will clean your entire home for it or pay you. Let me know. Thanks! It should only be an hour appointment, tops.

Steve and Nery said...

Hi, Catie! I love the lay-out of your blog..the pictures up on top are great. Will you teach me how to do that - next time you come to the house? Give Bennett hugs & kisses from LOLA
Thanks, Mom

Lisa said...

Love the photo's across the top!! i really wish I knew how to do that!