Saturday, January 2, 2010

ugly sweater party '09

one of these boys
took third place

(hint: not the one
with the mustache)

thinking seriously about submitting
this little gem to
'awkward family photos' ...


the fellers said...

please do! Such a fun night!

Anonymous said...

They are both oozing the creepy appeal. It's splendid.

tycee said...

Go Bennett! I must admit that I voted for the family crest though.

Josh & Sarah Teare said...

So is the mustache staying?

He is an adorable little guy, but his sweater to too darling!!

Do you ever grace Thanksgiving point? I bought a membership there... wondering if it is too far for you to come visit. Anyone who I take is 50% off.

Laura G said...

You need to for sure!!! You'd win! don't know how bad I want to come play. A family I am long time friends with asked if we'd tend their young teenagers while they pick up their son on a mission in Australia so that is where we are now. They are a great family, but I realized now that I'd much rather be with friends and family. :( I didn't think about that a few months ago when they asked.

This month went by way to fast for my liking. I am having mixed feelings about leaving, it will be hard again, but good to be in my own bed.

You will be on the top of my friends list when we come back in the Summer since we didn't get to get swing by your place and let our kiddies play :(

Love ya tons!
Laura G.