Friday, January 29, 2010

my end of the bargain

my dear friend noelle,
(or as cory likes to call her, the first noelle)
promised she'd get a blog if i got one of those
silly facebooks...
then noelle proceeded
to actually create a blog and now i have to
follow through with my promise...this just goes
to show that nothing
good comes from sticking to your word.

who am i kidding, i'm sure i would have gotten
one eventually anyway and
i'm sure i'll fall truly
madly and deeply in love with facebooking(?)...
what i'm trying to say is, noelle...i forgive you.


dave, catie, and baby "b" said...

"I'm gonna change yer life today."

Dr. Phil.

Comment posted my Cory W

Heather said...

holding out like my husband is holding out on never having a cell phone?...You all come around eventually. Still working on him though.

Laura G said...

I'm impressed you held out this long girl! Now comes the dilemma of where to post anything. I think I enjoy my blog more now...but I do however enjoy the fun quick updates from everyone, especially since I am so far away now. Sorry that was long. Really just meant to say...YAY....welcome to FB! Oh and it IS ok to be a FB "snob" my friend calls it and delete people a few days after they add you if you really were never friends with them in the first place. :) The end.

Lindsey said...

Yay!!! I knew someday you'd cave! and yay that noelle now has a blog! let's all go out!!

Noelle said...

I'm here to change your life.

(Not necessarily for the better, just change it.)