Saturday, January 16, 2010

our best in 2009

well, there were lots of 'bests' for us.
but our oregon coast adventure may have
topped our lengthy list.

(feel free to make fun of how R I D I C U L O U S
i look at the end of the film, running through the trees...)


Steve and Nery said...

From Lola:
Wow! The beach was beautiful! And Bennett - you were so chubby!...Next trip - GERMANY!!!

Heather said...

I love Oregon especially the coast! We stay in otter crest (south of Canon beach) pretty much every year. It is so much fun.
I have to say that our videos aren't nearly as entertaining as yours though.:}

Lisa said...

I love Cannon Beach! Seriously one of my fav places!
I agree, the tree farms are a bit eery... and x Files ha ha

Noelle said...

Love the mortal kombat reference.. such a good show.

I like Bennett's idea on the whole thing.. bbbbba bbbbba.

Josh & Sarah Teare said...

That was so cute! What a great idea. There is your video clip of your trip. Such great picture. So clean and crisp. I loved it. The effects of slow motion then to fast was great! Come with us on our vacations to film us would you?

Laura G said...

I really really really want to move there. I've only been once and loved it. I'm trying to convince Tyson to finish school, I know one thing, we'd get way more visitors than we do here in Ok. :) Thanks for the laugh, the tree part was the best!