Thursday, November 11, 2010

the boy that makes you go hmmm.

me: bennett, we do not eat markers.
(as i'm ripping the marker out
of his green stained mouth)

bennett: but it tastes good.

me: .............

and then this morning
bennett went up to dave and
said: "wait here daddy, i'll get help."

below is the closest i could get
of him dressing up for halloween.
the nakedest cowboy in these here parts.
(not to mention that this was taken
like, two weeks after halloween)


happy me said...

B's words & his photo made my heart swell Catie. What a doll! Have a happy/healthy w/e. :)

Debra aphotographicmemory

Noelle said...

Ummm he is so freakin cute! Love it.

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

Let me add

Catie: "breakfast is ready"
Dave: "zzzzz"
Bennett: "Wait here Daddy, I'll get help"


Noelle said...

Awww, he is so sweet! And hilarious.

I forgot to mention that I love that he was eating a marker. Kids are the best (and sometimes the worst).

Love you guys!

Lynze said...

At least he wasn't using the marker to draw all over the walls, right? A little ink never hurt anyone! He is so cute. PS - miss you! Let's get together soon.

Amy May said...

I love the pic of the hat, it finishes the story. I can get together and sew any time after the 29th, my festival of trees tree will be done then. Do you have a cool project in mind?

the conleys said...

oh my goodness I love this.